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Joint problem, absorption problem, hormone problem getting improve – Amy Lee

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Joint problem, absorption problem,hormone problem. She getting improve.

关节问题,吸收问题,荷尔蒙问题, 她得到这帮助.


Amy Lee Yee Pyng is a triathlon and marathon lover , she activily pacticipate in the triathlon , marathon and cycling activities. As a result of extremely exercise , she suffering from the joint pain, body aching , hormone imbalance and also absorption problem… etc. After around 8 times of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, she get recover and relief from all the pain.

Aside from that , she felt that her stamina getting better , and her body is 5 to 10 years younger than before . Not only that, and now she is able to get back to the exercise she love.

Amy Lee Yee Pyng是铁人三项赛和马拉松爱好者,她积极参加铁人三项,马拉松和自行车活动。由于极度运动,她患有关节疼痛,身体酸痛,激素失衡以及吸收问题……等。