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Mr. Jason Retired 60 Diabetic & heard disease Case DFU ( Recover without amputation)

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No amputation is required!  Good news for diabetics!

Maybe you have diabetics around you, maybe you know diabetics, maybe you do n’t know who is diabetics, your sharing can give another person a chance to be reborn!

He originally thought that he was forced to need an amputation!

I am Mr. Jason Retired (Age 60) Diabetic heard disease  Case DFU
( Recover without amputation)

My pinky toe was injured.  I thought it was a small wound, but it’s more worsen within 3 days. I been advised by A & E, my leg might need to have an amputation.

Dr. Mohan, Yumin and the team came to participate in my case.  Within 3 months of treatment, my wound healed completely.

I am very grateful to Dr. Mohan, Yumin and the team for their help and care to allowed my wound to recover without amputation.


不需要截肢!糖尿病患者的佳音 !