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A boy with autism problems, He getting improve

A boy with autism problems, He getting improve

Tun Wen Xuan is an austism child. Therefore ,he is having some difficulty in learning , listening and it is tough for him to communicate with others.
After 20 times of hyperbaric oxygen treatment , he is having great improvement of all the mentioned above .
And for now he is able to talk and communicate with others, and he also shows excellent progression in his study and getting very good result. Moreover, he is even able to transfer to the normal school from the special school. With regards to this , We are really  proud and happy for him.
Tun Wen Xuan是一个患有自闭症的孩子。因此,他在学习,倾听方面面临一些困难,而且他很难与他人交流。
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