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Bone fracture. He getting improve.

Bone fracture. He getting improve.

Tan Hock Chung was seriously injured in a shocking accident during 2015 whereby a 300kg heavy machine fell down crashed his hand and broken his bone . Therefore , he is suffering from the unbearable pain and significant bone fractures. According to doctor, his situation need to take at least 8 months and more for recovery. But with around 15 times of hyperbaric oxygen treatment , he is able to get back to work and even doctor also surprise for his speed recovery.
Tan Hock Chung在2015年的一次令人所料不及的事故中受了重伤,一架重达300公斤的重型机器坠落,撞伤了他的手,导致他的手骨折。因此,他必须承受剧烈的疼痛和严重的骨折。跟据医生的说法,他的情况至少需要8个月才能恢复。但是,在通过大约15次高压氧治疗后,他已经能够返回工作,甚至医生也对他的复原的进度感到惊讶。
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