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My memory improved greatly – Sarah Lee

After hyperbaric oxygen treatment, i feel very energetic, and my face, nerves, and head no longer had a tight feeling. My memory improved greatly after the fifth to sixth therapy session. The skin on my face whitens with a rosy complexion, it also become shinier. ( 第二天睡醒却很精神,而且脸部,神经线整个头脑不会有紧崩的感觉。做了第五至第六次在记忆方面有更大的改善。脸部就很大转变就是变白,红润,更有光泽了。)...

Skin Problem, He getting improve – Chee Choon

Skin Problem, He getting improve. 皮肤问题, 他得到这帮助. - Chee Choon Mr. Chee is suffering from a kind of skin disease -- Ichthyosis vulgaris , sometimes called fish scale disease or fish skin disease.It is a kind of skin disorder causing dry, scaly skin. This incident has annoyed him for the past...

Joint problem, absorption problem, hormone problem getting improve – Amy Lee

Joint problem, absorption problem,hormone problem. She getting improve. 关节问题,吸收问题,荷尔蒙问题, 她得到这帮助. Amy Lee Yee Pyng is a triathlon and marathon lover , she activily pacticipate in the triathlon , marathon and cycling activities. As a result of extremely exercise , she suffering from the joint pain, body aching ,...