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Our specialist is here to assist and walk with you throughout your healing process. We make it our mission to bring you to a faster wound recovery for the betterment of your life and health. Explore our wound care services. 

caring for your wound, done by professionals

When tragedy strikes, you would want to look for the best solution to heal and getting back your strength. Finding the right people to help you during these difficult is crucial for long-term health and happiness.

With ZHMO, you will get a better chance at recovery and rehabilitation. From toe gangrene, wound infection to complications from diabetes, our team of specialists is ready to help. Look no further for the best wound care and help. At ZMHO, we offer more than healing, we also provide comfort and assurance.

Our Process

Before we begin any sort of treatment, we will need to assess and examine your condition and discuss your needs.

The first step of our wound care service is an appointment with our wound specialist who will determine your treatment and appointments. 

Depending on the assessment of your wounds by our specialist, we will schedule appointments for wound dressing and treatment.

For serious wounds, we might recommend a daily change of dressing. Otherwise, we may schedule wound dressing every 2 to 3 days, subject to the consultation.

During a wound care session, we will help you treat your wound using the treatment prescribed by our specialist.

For our wound cleaning and dressing treatment, your wound would be thoroughly cleansed, changed and dressed that promotes healing and provides comfort. Refer below for more wound care services available at ZMHO.

Our Wound care serivce


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